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873 Area Code

Major City:Sherbrooke, QC
Current Time:

History of area code 873

873 was first put in service September 15, 2012. It was created from area code 819. To avoid exhausting all possible phone numbers in this area code, relief planning has begun.

Where is area code 873

Area code 873 serves northwestern Quebec, Canada including Sherbrooke. It is an overlay for area code 819 and serves the same area.

What time zone is area code 873?

The 873 area code is located in the Eastern timezone. The Eastern time zone is also known as America/New_York

area code 873

873 area code map


  • Labelle, QC
  • Woburn, QC
  • Maskinonge, QC
  • Waswanipi, QC
  • Waterville, QC

Largest Landline Carriers in area code873

28%Telecommunications Xittel
10%Comwave Networks
10%Fibernetics Corporation
3%Telebec Ltee

Largest Wireless Carriers in area code873

5%Telebec Limited Partnership (mobility)
5%Telus Mobility

Prefixes in area code873

PrefixUsagePrimary CityCarrierIntroduced
(873) 266-landlineWeedonComwave Networks
(873) 267-landlineDeschaillonsComwave Networks
(873) 268-landlineMaskinongeComwave Networks
(873) 269-landlineTrois RivieresComwave Networks
(873) 274-landlineLa MinerveTelecom Xittel
(873) 275-landlineArundelTelecom Xittel
(873) 276-landlineVal DavidTelecom Xittel
(873) 277-landlineSaint Donat De MontcalmTelecom Xittel
(873) 278-landlineSaint Adolphe D HowardTelecom Xittel
(873) 279-landlineSaint JoviteTelecom Xittel
(873) 280-landlineSaint FaustinTelecom Xittel
(873) 281-landlineSaint AgatheTelecom Xittel
(873) 282-landlineNominingueTelecom Xittel
(873) 283-landlineLannoncatnTelecom Xittel
(873) 284-landlineLabelleTelecom Xittel
(873) 357-wirelessWaswanipiTelebec Limited Partnership (mobility)
(873) 377-wirelessDrummondvilleTelus Mobility
(873) 378-wirelessShawiniganTelus Mobility
(873) 382-landlineDrummondvilleTelus Quebec
(873) 387-landlineTrois RivieresTelus Quebec
(873) 388-landlineMont LaurierTelus Quebec
(873) 389-landlineSherbrookeTelus Quebec
(873) 403-landlineLa TuqueTelus Quebec
(873) 404-landlineMagogTelus Quebec
(873) 405-landlineShawiniganTelus Quebec
(873) 406-landlineVictoriavilleTelus Quebec
(873) 407-landlineLa TuqueTelus Quebec
(873) 408-landlineOttawaTelus Quebec
(873) 585-landlineFrontenacTelebec Ltee.
(873) 622-landlineWoburn9163-7918 Quebec
(873) 623-landlineWaterville9163-7918 Quebec
(873) 624-landlineFrontenac9163-7918 Quebec
(873) 700-landlineDrummondvilleIristel
(873) 800-landlineGatineauIristel
(873) 825-landlineCookshire9163-7918 Quebec
(873) 887-landlineTrois RivieresFibernetics Corp.
(873) 888-landlineSherbrookeFibernetics Corp.
(873) 889-landlineLac La MartreFibernetics Corp.
(873) 890-landlineSaint Felix De KingseyFibernetics Corp.
(873) 937-wirelessMatagamiTelebec Limited Partnership (mobility)