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848 Area Code

Major City:Toms River
Current Time:

History of area code 848

848 was first put in service December 29, 2001. It was created from area code 732.

Where is area code 848

Area code 848 is located in New Jersey and covers Toms River, New Brunswick, Lakewood, and Perth Amboy. It is an overlay for area code 732 and serves the same area.

What time zone is area code 848?

The 848 area code is located in the Eastern timezone. The Eastern time zone is also known as America/New_York

area code 848

848 area code map

Top 5 Counties in Area Code 848

CountyTotal Population% of 848% of County
Middlesex, NJ809,85823%82%
Monmouth, NJ630,38040%70%
Ocean, NJ576,56731%40%
Somerset, NJ323,4445%20%
Union, NJ536,4991%8%

Top 50 Cities in Area Code 848

CityTotal Population% of 848% of City
Toms River, NJ88,7913%100%
New Brunswick, NJ55,1810%100%
Lakewood, NJ53,8051%100%
Perth Amboy, NJ50,8141%99%
Sayreville, NJ42,7042%100%
Long Branch, NJ30,7191%100%
Rahway, NJ27,3460%100%
Old Bridge, NJ23,7531%100%
Carteret, NJ22,8440%97%
Somerset, NJ22,0831%100%
Woodbridge, NJ19,2650%100%
Iselin, NJ18,6950%100%
Point Pleasant, NJ18,3920%100%
Tinton Falls, NJ17,8921%100%
Colonia, NJ17,7950%100%
Avenel, NJ17,0110%100%
Asbury Park, NJ16,1160%100%
South River, NJ16,0080%100%
Fords, NJ15,1870%100%
Highland Park, NJ13,9820%100%
Middlesex, NJ13,6350%100%
West Freehold, NJ13,6131%100%
Metuchen, NJ13,5740%100%
Holiday City-Berkeley, NJ12,8310%100%
Eatontown, NJ12,7091%100%
Franklin Park, NJ13,2950%95%
Red Bank, NJ12,2060%100%
Freehold, NJ12,0520%100%
Robertsville, NJ11,2971%100%
Beachwood, NJ11,0450%100%
Bound Brook, NJ10,4020%100%
Keansburg, NJ10,1051%100%
Kendall Park, NJ9,3390%100%
Matawan, NJ8,8100%100%
Pine Lake Park, NJ8,7070%100%
East Franklin, NJ8,6690%100%
South Amboy, NJ8,6310%100%
Spotswood, NJ8,2570%100%
West Long Branch, NJ8,0970%100%
Crestwood Village, NJ7,9070%100%
Strathmore, NJ7,2580%100%
Keyport, NJ7,2400%100%
Dunellen, NJ7,2270%100%
Madison Park, NJ7,1440%100%
Rumson, NJ7,1221%100%
Dayton, NJ7,0630%100%
Milltown, NJ6,8930%100%
Laurence Harbor, NJ6,5360%100%
Yorketown, NJ6,5350%100%
Union Beach, NJ6,2450%100%

Largest Landline Carriers in area code848

5%Infinite Communication
5%Teleport Group - New York
3%Cablevision Lightpath
3%Level 3
3%Peerless Network

Largest Wireless Carriers in area code848

6%Verizon Wireless
2%Peerless Network

Prefixes in area code848

PrefixUsagePrimary CityCarrierIntroduced
(848) 200-landlineMetuchenInfinite Communication03/01/2011
(848) 202-landlineNew BrunswickCablevision Lightpath02/23/2012
(848) 203-landlinePerth AmboyOmnipoint Comms10/23/2001
(848) 205-wirelessMetuchenVerizon Wireless05/15/2013
(848) 206-landlineFarmingdaleLevel 3 Comms12/05/2011
(848) 207-wirelessFreeholdSprint11/20/2001
(848) 208-wirelessEatontownSprint01/04/2012
(848) 209-landlineNew BrunswickInfinite Communication08/22/2011
(848) 210-wirelessToms RiverVerizon Wireless12/08/2009
(848) 213-landlineMonmouth JctInfinite Communication01/18/2012
(848) 214-landlineDealPeerless Network08/29/2012
(848) 216-wirelessMillstoneSprint06/08/2012
(848) 217-landlineAsbury ParkPeerless Network03/25/2013
(848) 218-wirelessMiddletownOmnipoint Comms02/22/2002
(848) 219-landlineMetuchenOmnipoint Comms02/22/2002
(848) 220-landlineBelmarXo New Jersey03/16/2011
(848) 221-landlineToms RiverLevel 3 Comms08/08/2011
(848) 222-wirelessLakewoodSprint06/17/2011
(848) 223-wirelessToms RiverSprint08/04/2011
(848) 225-wirelessMiddletownPeerless Network12/11/2012
(848) 227-landlineLakehurstTeleport Comms Group - New York05/10/2010
(848) 228-landlineNew BrunswickOmnipoint Comms04/18/2002
(848) 229-wirelessMetuchenOmnipoint Comms11/27/2007
(848) 230-wirelessNew BrunswickSprint08/16/2011
(848) 231-wirelessFreeholdVerizon Wireless12/11/2012
(848) 232-landlinePt PleasantComcast Business Comms04/23/2013
(848) 240-wirelessToms RiverSprint01/02/2013
(848) 248-landlineMetuchenOmnipoint Comms05/16/2002
(848) 250-wirelessWoodbridgeSprint10/18/2001
(848) 260-wirelessMetuchenOmnipoint Comms10/18/2007
(848) 299-landlineLakewoodTeleport Comms Group - New York10/18/2001
(848) 300-landlineAtlantic HldsTeleport Comms Group - New York11/20/2012
(848) 303-wirelessLong BranchVerizon Wireless12/11/2012
(848) 333-wirelessToms RiverOmnipoint Comms10/17/2001
(848) 373-landlineLakewoodIbc Telecom Corp.07/26/2012
(848) 391-landlineNew BrunswickOmnipoint Comms10/23/2001
(848) 404-landlineBelmarXo New Jersey05/24/2013
(848) 444-landlineFreeholdCoretel New Jersey06/22/2012
(848) 445-landlineNew BrunswickPaetec Comms08/18/2010
(848) 448-wirelessToms RiverOmnipoint Comms10/10/2002
(848) 456-landlineEatontownNetwork Billing Systems, Lc03/24/2008
(848) 459-landlineFreeholdOmnipoint Comms10/17/2001
(848) 466-wirelessRed BankOmnipoint Comms10/29/2002
(848) 467-wirelessRahwayOmnipoint Comms10/29/2002
(848) 468-wirelessMatawanOmnipoint Comms10/29/2002
(848) 469-wirelessSpring LakeOmnipoint Comms10/29/2002
(848) 480-landlineToms RiverNetwork Billing Systems, Lc03/18/2008
(848) 482-landlineFreeholdOmnipoint Comms04/16/2002
(848) 525-wirelessLakewoodSprint10/18/2001
(848) 565-landlineNew BrunswickSprint11/20/2001
(848) 575-landlineDunellen06/10/2013
(848) 628-landlineRahwayAllegiance Telecom11/20/2001
(848) 666-landlineNewarkCoretel New Jersey06/22/2012
(848) 667-wirelessMonmouth JunctionOmnipoint Comms04/16/2002
(848) 702-wirelessSouth Bound BrookCingular Wireless04/15/2002
(848) 777-landlineDealVoxbeam Telecom04/26/2013
(848) 863-landlineFreeholdCablevision Lightpath07/03/2008
(848) 888-landlineLong BranchCoretel New Jersey06/22/2012
(848) 932-landlineNew BrunswickPaetec Comms08/18/2010
(848) 976-wirelessBroadview Networks
(848) 990-wirelessMultiple Ocn Listing03/06/2002
(848) 992-wirelessToms RiverSprint11/20/2001
(848) 999-landlineWoodbridgeCoretel New Jersey06/22/2012