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754 Area Code

Major City:Fort Lauderdale
Current Time:

History of area code 754

754 was first put in service August 1, 2001. It was created from area code 954.

Where is area code 754

Area code 754 is located in Florida and covers Fort Lauderdale, Pembroke Pines, Hollywood, Coral Springs, and Miramar. It is an overlay for area code 954 and serves the same area.

What time zone is area code 754?

The 754 area code is located in the Eastern timezone. The Eastern time zone is also known as America/New_York

area code 754

754 area code map

Top 1 Counties in Area Code 754

CountyTotal Population% of 754% of County
Broward, FL1,748,066100%70%

Top 37 Cities in Area Code 754

CityTotal Population% of 754% of City
Fort Lauderdale, FL165,5214%100%
Pembroke Pines, FL154,7504%100%
Hollywood, FL140,7683%100%
Coral Springs, FL121,0963%100%
Miramar, FL122,0413%92%
Pompano Beach, FL99,8453%100%
Davie, FL91,9924%100%
Plantation, FL84,9552%100%
Sunrise, FL84,4392%100%
Deerfield Beach, FL75,0182%100%
Lauderhill, FL66,8871%100%
Weston, FL65,3333%100%
Tamarac, FL60,4271%100%
Margate, FL53,2841%100%
Coconut Creek, FL52,9091%100%
Oakland Park, FL41,3631%100%
North Lauderdale, FL41,0230%100%
Hallandale Beach, FL37,1130%100%
Lauderdale Lakes, FL32,5930%100%
Dania Beach, FL29,6391%100%
Cooper City, FL28,5471%100%
Parkland, FL23,9621%92%
West Park, FL14,1560%100%
Wilton Manors, FL11,6320%100%
Lighthouse Point, FL10,3440%100%
Southwest Ranches, FL7,3451%100%
Broadview Park, FL7,1250%100%
Pembroke Park, FL6,1020%100%
Lauderdale-by-the-Sea, FL6,0560%100%
Roosevelt Gardens, FL2,4560%100%
Hillsboro Beach, FL1,8750%100%
Washington Park, FL1,6720%100%
Boulevard Gardens, FL1,2740%100%
Franklin Park, FL8600%100%
Sea Ranch Lakes, FL6700%100%
Hillsboro Pines, FL4460%98%
Lazy Lake, FL240%100%

Largest Landline Carriers in area code754

12%Level 3
7%Bandwidthcom Clec
5%Comcast Phone
5%Sbc Internet Services
5%Southern Bell Tel &
3%Terra Nova Telecom

Largest Wireless Carriers in area code754

32%Metro PCS
3%Omnipoint Miami E License

Prefixes in area code754

PrefixUsagePrimary CityCarrierIntroduced
(754) 200-landlineFort LauderdaleBandwidth.com10/08/2010
(754) 201-landlineHollywoodLevel 3 Comms11/20/2010
(754) 202-wirelessHollywoodSprint04/24/2012
(754) 203-landlinePompano BeachPeerless Network08/30/2012
(754) 204-wirelessHollywoodMetro PCS06/12/2002
(754) 205-landlinePompano BeachBroadvox-clec04/03/2013
(754) 206-landlinePompano BeachComcast Phone12/18/2012
(754) 207-wirelessFort LauderdaleMetro PCS03/18/2014
(754) 208-landlineHollywoodComcast Phone04/22/2014
(754) 210-landlineHollywoodLevel 3 Comms06/10/2013
(754) 212-landlineDeerfield BeachLocal Access03/21/2013
(754) 214-wirelessFort LauderdaleMetro PCS07/16/2002
(754) 217-landlineHollywoodLevel 3 Comms10/19/2012
(754) 220-landlinePompano BeachBandwidth.com07/11/2011
(754) 222-landlinePompano BeachLevel 3 Comms11/26/2010
(754) 223-landlineFort LauderdaleSbc Internet Services08/17/2010
(754) 224-wirelessFort LauderdaleSprint02/22/2002
(754) 227-landlineDeerfield BeachLevel 3 Comms06/02/2010
(754) 229-landlinePompano BeachBandwidth.com09/01/2010
(754) 234-wirelessFort LauderdaleMetro PCS02/22/2002
(754) 235-wirelessPompano BeachMetro PCS02/22/2002
(754) 242-wirelessPompano BeachMetro PCS07/18/2007
(754) 244-wirelessHollywoodMetro PCS04/16/2002
(754) 245-wirelessPompano BeachMetro PCS04/16/2002
(754) 246-wirelessFort LauderdaleMetro PCS04/16/2002
(754) 260-wirelessCenturylink Comms04/25/2014
(754) 263-landlineHollywoodSbc Internet Services06/01/2011
(754) 264-wirelessDeerfield BeachSprint04/30/2002
(754) 265-landlineFort LauderdaleSbc Internet Services02/25/2013
(754) 273-wirelessHollywoodMetro PCS08/01/2006
(754) 281-wirelessFort LauderdaleMetro PCS08/01/2006
(754) 300-landlineFort LauderdaleLevel 3 Comms11/24/2010
(754) 307-landlinePompano BeachComcast Phone04/09/2013
(754) 321-landlineFort LauderdaleBellsouth Telecom09/06/2002
(754) 322-landlineFort LauderdaleBellsouth Telecom09/06/2002
(754) 323-landlineFort LauderdaleBellsouth Telecom09/06/2002
(754) 333-landlineDeerfield BeachAstro Tel03/30/2011
(754) 366-wirelessPompano BeachMetro PCS01/24/2002
(754) 367-wirelessDeerfield BeachMetro PCS01/24/2002
(754) 368-wirelessPompano BeachMetro PCS01/24/2002
(754) 400-landlineHollywoodBandwidth.com04/28/2011
(754) 422-wirelessFort LauderdaleMetro PCS05/14/2002
(754) 423-wirelessHollywoodMetro PCS05/14/2002
(754) 444-landlinePompano BeachAstro Tel10/11/2010
(754) 484-landlinePompano BeachSprint CommsCo.,07/11/2007
(754) 500-landlineHollywoodPaetec Comms02/11/2010
(754) 551-wirelessFort LauderdaleMetro PCS01/15/2010
(754) 581-wirelessHollywoodSprint09/06/2002
(754) 600-landlineDeerfield BeachTerra Nova Telecom04/06/2012
(754) 610-wirelessHollywoodOmnipoint Miami E License12/18/2012
(754) 701-landlineFort LauderdaleLevel 3 Comms04/04/2014
(754) 703-wirelessHollywoodOmnipoint Miami E License10/18/2013
(754) 777-landlineHollywoodAstro Tel10/11/2010
(754) 779-wirelessFort LauderdaleMetro PCS02/24/2009
(754) 800-landlinePompano BeachTerra Nova Telecom05/21/2012
(754) 802-wirelessLevel 3 Comms04/29/2014
(754) 816-wirelessHollywoodMetro PCS02/24/2009
(754) 888-landlineHollywoodAstro Tel05/31/2011
(754) 999-landlinePompano BeachAstro Tel03/30/2011