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475 Area Code

Major City:Bridgeport
Current Time:

History of area code 475

475 was first put in service December 12, 2009. It was created from area code 203.

Where is area code 475

Area code 475 is located in southwestern Connecticut and covers Bridgeport, New Haven, Stamford, Waterbury, and Norwalk. It is an overlay for area code 203 and serves the same area.

What time zone is area code 475?

The 475 area code is located in the Eastern timezone. The Eastern time zone is also known as America/New_York

area code 475

475 area code map

Top 3 Counties in Area Code 475

CountyTotal Population% of 475% of County
Fairfield, CT916,82950%83%
New Haven, CT862,47746%73%
Litchfield, CT189,9274%6%

Top 43 Cities in Area Code 475

CityTotal Population% of 475% of City
Bridgeport, CT144,2291%100%
New Haven, CT129,7791%100%
Stamford, CT122,6434%100%
Waterbury, CT110,3662%100%
Norwalk, CT85,6033%100%
Danbury, CT80,8933%100%
Meriden, CT60,8682%100%
West Haven, CT55,5641%100%
Stratford, CT51,3841%100%
Milford, CT51,2712%100%
Shelton, CT39,5592%100%
Trumbull, CT36,0182%100%
Naugatuck, CT31,8621%100%
East Haven, CT29,2571%100%
Westport, CT26,3912%100%
North Haven, CT24,0932%100%
Darien, CT20,7322%100%
Ansonia, CT19,2490%100%
Wallingford Center, CT18,2091%100%
Orange, CT13,9561%100%
Greenwich, CT12,9420%100%
Derby, CT12,9020%100%
Bethel, CT9,5490%100%
Riverside, CT8,4160%100%
Ridgefield, CT7,6450%100%
Cos Cob, CT6,7700%100%
Old Greenwich, CT6,6110%100%
Branford Center, CT5,8190%100%
Cheshire Village, CT5,7860%100%
Byram, CT4,1460%91%
Heritage Village, CT3,7360%100%
Pemberwick, CT3,6800%100%
Guilford Center, CT2,5970%100%
Glenville, CT2,3270%100%
Madison Center, CT2,2900%100%
Bethlehem Village, CT2,0211%100%
Newtown, CT1,9410%100%
Georgetown, CT1,8050%100%
Southport, CT1,5850%98%
Woodmont, CT1,4880%100%
Woodbury Center, CT1,2940%100%
Wilton Center, CT7320%100%
Cannondale, CT1410%100%

Largest Landline Carriers in area code475

26%Peerless Network
11%Bandwidthcom Clec
4%Choice One

Largest Wireless Carriers in area code475

19%Verizon Wireless
4%Metro PCS

Prefixes in area code475

PrefixUsagePrimary CityCarrierIntroduced
(475) 200-landlineHuntingtonPeerless Network06/29/2012
(475) 201-wirelessNew HavenMetro PCS02/17/2010
(475) 202-wirelessNew HavenSprint04/19/2011
(475) 204-wirelessDanburyVerizon Wireless12/20/2012
(475) 205-landlineStamfordCenturylink Comms08/23/2012
(475) 212-landlineNaugatuckPeerless Network11/13/2012
(475) 215-wirelessCenturylink Comms06/26/2014
(475) 222-landlineWaterburyPeerless Network11/20/2012
(475) 223-wirelessOmnipoint Comms05/23/2014
(475) 227-wirelessNew HavenCingular Wireless06/13/2011
(475) 235-wirelessWaterburyCingular Wireless07/05/2011
(475) 238-wirelessNew HavenVerizon Wireless05/21/2010
(475) 239-landlineTrumbullPeerless Network10/02/2012
(475) 243-landlineDerbyPeerless Network02/08/2013
(475) 277-wirelessCenturylink Comms06/16/2014
(475) 282-landlineBridgeportBandwidth.com08/29/2011
(475) 289-wirelessVerizon Wireless05/22/2014
(475) 298-wirelessBridgeportVerizon Wireless09/16/2011
(475) 328-wirelessBrooks Fiber Comms Of Connecticut Inc04/30/2014
(475) 329-landlineDanburyBandwidth.com03/25/2014
(475) 355-wirelessVerizon Wireless05/22/2014
(475) 422-wirelessBridgeportVerizon Wireless12/20/2012
(475) 444-landlineNewtownPeerless Network02/08/2013
(475) 529-wirelessDanburyVerizon Wireless09/16/2011
(475) 675-landlineSeymourBandwidth.com01/30/2013
(475) 882-landlineHuntingtonChoice One Comms08/07/2009
(475) 999-landlineFairfieldPeerless Network02/08/2013