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442 Area Code

Major City:Oceanside
Current Time:

History of area code 442

442 was first put in service November 21, 2009. It was created from area code 760.

Where is area code 442

Area code 442 is located in southeastern California and covers Oceanside, Escondido, Victorville, Carlsbad, and Vista. It is an overlay for area code 760 and serves the same area.

What time zone is area code 442?

The 442 area code is located in the Pacific timezone. The Pacific time zone is also known as America/Los_Angeles

area code 442

442 area code map

Top 8 Counties in Area Code 442

CountyTotal Population% of 442% of County
San Bernardino, CA2,035,21041%94%
San Diego, CA3,095,3136%59%
Riverside, CA2,189,64111%71%
Kern, CA839,6314%24%
Imperial, CA174,5289%100%
Tulare, CA442,1791%13%
Inyo, CA18,54623%100%
Mono, CA14,2024%60%

Top 50 Cities in Area Code 442

CityTotal Population% of 442% of City
Oceanside, CA167,0860%100%
Escondido, CA143,9110%100%
Victorville, CA115,9030%100%
Carlsbad, CA105,3280%100%
Vista, CA93,8340%100%
Hesperia, CA90,1730%99%
San Marcos, CA83,7810%100%
Indio, CA76,0360%100%
Apple Valley, CA69,1350%100%
Encinitas, CA59,5180%96%
Cathedral City, CA51,2000%100%
Palm Desert, CA48,4450%100%
Palm Springs, CA44,5520%100%
El Centro, CA42,5980%100%
Coachella, CA40,7040%100%
Calexico, CA38,5720%100%
La Quinta, CA37,4670%100%
Adelanto, CA31,7650%100%
Fallbrook, CA30,5340%100%
Ridgecrest, CA27,6160%100%
Desert Hot Springs, CA25,9380%100%
Twentynine Palms, CA25,0480%100%
Brawley, CA24,9530%100%
Barstow, CA22,6390%100%
Blythe, CA20,8170%100%
Yucca Valley, CA20,7000%100%
Ramona, CA20,2920%100%
Rancho Mirage, CA17,2180%100%
Imperial, CA14,7580%100%
Phelan, CA14,3040%100%
California City, CA14,1200%86%
Camp Pendleton South, CA10,6160%100%
San Diego Country Estates, CA10,1090%100%
Valley Center, CA9,2770%100%
Oak Hills, CA8,8790%100%
Fort Irwin, CA8,8450%100%
Mecca, CA8,5770%100%
Spring Valley Lake, CA8,2200%100%
Thousand Palms, CA7,7150%100%
Calipatria, CA7,7050%100%
Garnet, CA7,5430%100%
Joshua Tree, CA7,4140%100%
Bermuda Dunes, CA7,2820%100%
Pi, CA7,2720%100%
Desert Palms, CA6,9570%100%
Oasis, CA6,8900%100%
Holtville, CA5,9390%100%
Lucerne Valley, CA5,8110%100%
Silver Lakes, CA5,6230%100%
Camp Pendleton North, CA5,2000%99%

Largest Landline Carriers in area code442

5%Bandwidthcom Clec
5%Peerless Network
5%Time Warner Cbl Info Svcs (ca) DBAtime Warner Cbl
3%Wide Voice
3%Suddenlink Comms

Largest Wireless Carriers in area code442

5%Flat West Wireless

Prefixes in area code442

PrefixUsagePrimary CityCarrierIntroduced
(442) 200-landlineCalexicoCf Comms DBA Telekenex09/20/2012
(442) 220-landlineNiptonTelcentris Comms06/03/2013
(442) 221-landlineBentonBandwidth.com08/13/2013
(442) 222-landlineOceansideCf Comms DBA Telekenex10/08/2010
(442) 223-landlineNewberry SpringsPeerless Network06/29/2012
(442) 224-landlineVistaTime Warner Cable (ca) DBAtime Warner Cbl03/28/2013
(442) 225-wirelessEl CentroFlat West Wireless04/15/2013
(442) 226-wirelessBrawleyT-mobile USA07/12/2013
(442) 227-landlinePalm SpringsWide Voice10/18/2013
(442) 228-landlineBishopCebridge Telecom Ca DBA Suddenlink Comms11/04/2013
(442) 229-landlineVictorvilleBandwidth.com11/19/2013
(442) 231-wirelessEl CentroFlat West Wireless02/03/2014
(442) 232-landlineCarlsbadLevel 3 Comms04/07/2014
(442) 233-wirelessBandwidth.com07/07/2014
(442) 234-landlinePalm SpringsPeerless Network04/11/2014
(442) 235-wirelessVerizon Wireless06/10/2014
(442) 236-wirelessEl CentroCingular Wireless03/24/2014
(442) 237-wirelessMetro PCS07/07/2014
(442) 238-wirelessFlat West Wireless07/14/2014
(442) 242-landlineVictorvilleMetropcs Networks06/29/2011
(442) 243-wirelessVerizon Wireless06/24/2014
(442) 244-landlineCarlsbadTime Warner Cable (ca) DBAtime Warner Cbl03/25/2013
(442) 246-wirelessMci Worldcom Comms, CA06/17/2014
(442) 253-wirelessCenturylink Comms06/27/2014
(442) 281-landlineEscondidoPacific Bell12/30/2011
(442) 300-landlineIndioCf Comms DBA Telekenex02/05/2013
(442) 321-wirelessMci Worldcom Comms, CA06/17/2014
(442) 333-landlineOceansideTelcentris Comms08/16/2010
(442) 400-landlineIndioCf Comms DBA Telekenex12/03/2012
(442) 444-landlineFallbrookCf Comms DBA Telekenex10/08/2010
(442) 500-landlineOceansideCf Comms DBA Telekenex12/18/2012
(442) 600-landlineHesperiaCf Comms DBA Telekenex09/17/2012
(442) 666-landlinePalm SpringsCf Comms DBA Telekenex07/20/2012
(442) 777-landlineEscondidoTelcentris Comms08/20/2010
(442) 800-landlineHesperiaCf Comms DBA Telekenex07/30/2012
(442) 888-landlineOceansideTelcentris Comms08/16/2010
(442) 900-landlineEl CentroCf Comms DBA Telekenex11/12/2012
(442) 999-landlineEscondidoCf Comms DBA Telekenex09/22/2010