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346 Area Code

Major City:Houston
Current Time:

History of area code 346

346 was first put in service July 1, 2014. It was created from area code 832.

Where is area code 346

Area code 346 serves Houston, TX and the surrounding areas. It is an overlay for area code 713 and serves the same area.

What time zone is area code 346?

The 346 area code is located in the Central timezone. The Central time zone is also known as America/Chicago

area code 346

346 area code map

Top 9 Counties in Area Code 346

CountyTotal Population% of 346% of County
Harris, TX4,092,45938%96%
Fort Bend, TX585,37512%63%
Montgomery, TX455,74610%42%
Brazoria, TX313,16612%34%
Galveston, TX291,3093%15%
Liberty, TX75,64311%41%
Waller, TX43,2054%34%
Chambers, TX35,0966%34%
San Jacinto, TX26,3844%29%

Top 50 Cities in Area Code 346

CityTotal Population% of 346% of City
Houston, TX2,099,45114%100%
Pasadena, TX149,0431%100%
Pearland, TX91,2521%100%
League City, TX83,5601%100%
Sugar Land, TX78,8171%100%
The Woodlands, TX93,8471%81%
Baytown, TX71,8021%100%
Missouri City, TX67,3581%100%
Atascocita, TX65,8441%100%
Spring, TX54,2981%100%
Channelview, TX38,2890%100%
Mission Bend, TX36,5010%100%
Friendswood, TX35,8050%100%
La Porte, TX33,8000%100%
Deer Park, TX32,0100%100%
Rosenberg, TX30,6180%92%
Cloverleaf, TX22,9420%100%
Alvin, TX24,2361%94%
Fresno, TX19,0690%100%
Cinco Ranch, TX18,2740%100%
Stafford, TX17,6930%100%
South Houston, TX16,9830%100%
Bellaire, TX16,8550%100%
Dickinson, TX18,6800%87%
Pecan Grove, TX15,9630%100%
Aldine, TX15,8690%100%
New Territory, TX15,1860%100%
Humble, TX15,1330%100%
West University Place, TX14,7870%100%
Texas City, TX45,0991%31%
Katy, TX14,1020%100%
Sienna Plantation, TX13,7210%100%
Four Corners, TX12,3820%100%
Seabrook, TX11,9520%100%
Richmond, TX11,6790%100%
Greatwood, TX11,5380%100%
Galena Park, TX10,8870%100%
Tomball, TX10,7530%100%
Jacinto City, TX10,5530%100%
Webster, TX10,4000%100%
Bacliff, TX8,6190%100%
Cleveland, TX7,6750%100%
Jersey Village, TX7,6200%100%
Highlands, TX7,5220%100%
Manvel, TX5,1791%100%
San Leon, TX4,9700%100%
Brookshire, TX4,7020%100%
Meadows Place, TX4,6600%100%
Pinehurst, TX4,6240%100%
Hunters Creek Village, TX4,3670%100%

Largest Landline Carriers in area code346

53%Southwestern Bell
37%Foremost Telecommunications Corporation

Largest Wireless Carriers in area code346


Prefixes in area code346

PrefixUsagePrimary CityCarrierIntroduced
(346) 222-landlineLa PorteForemost Telecom Corp.01/15/2014
(346) 247-wirelessLogix Comms Corp.02/03/2014
(346) 262-landlineSugar LandForemost Telecom Corp.01/16/2014
(346) 333-landlineHoustonForemost Telecom Corp.01/15/2014
(346) 444-landlineHoustonForemost Telecom Corp.01/16/2014
(346) 720-landlineHoustonSouthwestern Bell02/27/2014
(346) 721-landlineHoustonSouthwestern Bell02/27/2014
(346) 722-landlineHoustonSouthwestern Bell02/27/2014
(346) 723-landlineHoustonSouthwestern Bell02/27/2014
(346) 725-landlineHoustonSouthwestern Bell02/27/2014
(346) 726-landlineHoustonSouthwestern Bell02/27/2014
(346) 727-landlineHoustonSouthwestern Bell02/27/2014
(346) 728-landlineHoustonSouthwestern Bell02/27/2014
(346) 729-landlineHoustonSouthwestern Bell02/27/2014
(346) 777-landlineHoustonForemost Telecom Corp.01/15/2014
(346) 834-landlineHoustonSouthwestern Bell02/27/2014
(346) 888-landlineHoustonForemost Telecom Corp.01/15/2014
(346) 932-wirelessLogix Comms Corp.05/08/2014
(346) 999-landlineHuffmanForemost Telecom Corp.01/16/2014